Greiner-Maltz Negotiates Sale of Standard Folding Cartons to Grandland Group

Long Island City, NY, March 13, 2007 –You may ask, Where in the World is Fujian?  The answer will soon be Jackson Heights, Queens, New York, as this 32 plus million person Province of China will be able to showcase its low cost industrial manufacturing selections and thousands of agricultural products in a new 120,000 sq. ft. exhibition center.  A team of Greiner-Maltz brokers made up of Richard Maltz, Lawrence Reiff, Charles Wong, and Adrian Smilovici represented both the seller of this 155,000 sq. ft. site, and the purchaser, Grandland Real Estate Development Company

Situated at LaGuardia Airport just off the East-West connecting Road of Astoria Blvd.; “this development represents a change of land use from industrial (cardboard box manufacturing) to high value product showrooms which will transform a transitional neighborhood of bus yards, motels, and mixed use retail-office into a destination for merchants who are located throughout the entire Eastern Seaboard” Reports Richard Maltz, Chairman of Greiner-Maltz.  Further, geographically situated between the bourgeoning Asian population of Flushing, Queens, and the rapidly repopulating industrial areas of Astoria and Long Island City, this transaction will “be the harbinger of a new development surge in Queens, which will add a significant vibrancy and economic growth impetus to NYC” expounded Charles Wong and Adrian Smilovici, the Greiner-Maltz brokers who have conducted numerous prospecting trips to mainland China, a necessity in order to develop the acumen to pilot a transaction of this scope and complexity; possibly the largest Trade Exposition Center in Queens.

“Grandland International, (GINY) is an interesting enterprise.  GINY’s business model of integrating commercial real estate with manufacturing, international trade, exhibition, and B2B wholesale has been developed by Grandland  International Investment Group (GHG), which has similar successful operations in Africa and Asia.  The goal of the business model is, by providing comprehensive business services to both its tenants and their US customers, to find solutions to the issues faced by small and medium businesses in the United States and their international counterparts.   In addition to providing showroom space for approximately 200 international manufacturers for display and storage of their merchandise to US distributors and retailers, GINY will also provide an all-in-one service for its tenants to foster product selection, sales, and shipping.  Additionally, GINY will support both tenants and US companies in navigating the complex import and export regulatory environment.  US marketing and multimedia promotion strategies, and through an extensive multi-lingual translation program, allowing international companies and their US counterparts to firmly negotiate, close, and memorialize sales on site, without the time constraints and additional cost of middlemen.  GINY will also provide a full range of legal, accounting and tax consulting services for its international tenants doing business in the Facility.

The GINY concept, a proven success in many nations, is a first for the United States.  American small and medium businesses will now have the opportunity to interact directly with international industrial supply and manufacturing multi-disciplined representatives.  This opportunity is the key to establishing not only economically viable products for their own requirements, but fosters US firms; opportunity to build solid relationships with counterparts, instead of costly multi-national sales representative on their annual sales drop-by.  US firms’ engineers, developers, and factory managers will have the opportunity to discuss their specific requirements, specialized tooling and improved manufacturing control with the GINY tenants who will be, again not just sales representatives, but the international firms; experienced production personnel.  This close cooperation, allowed through the GINY international business services, opens the opportunity to greatly expand trade between the small firms and affirms New York’s dominance as the worlds business center not just for the Fortune 500, but in the economic dynamic of the 21st Century’s global industrial transformation for small businesses.”

John Maltz has announced that his firm is will be “exploring links between the Fujian Chamber of Commerce and the Queens Chamber of Commerce to further economic activity between what could become “paired boroughs” of two great trading partners.

Besides the efforts of our firm, it took the coordinated energy and shared goals of over five different agencies and associations centered in the Fujian Province and the New York City of Economic Development to make this Trade Exposition Center a reality.  The expected investment of over $45,000,000 in and of itself will be a boon to our local construction trades.”

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Since 1953 Greiner-Maltz has been engaged exclusively in the leasing, selling, appraising and managing of industrial, commercial and investment property in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.  

The professionals at Greiner-Maltz have over 400 years of combined experience. The firm has three offices and an active staff of thirty-five sales associates.
Charles Wong and Adrian Smilovici of Greiner-Maltz represented the buyers and Larry Reiff and Richard Maltz, of Greiner-Maltz represented the sellers.

For more information on this Greiner-Maltz transaction or any other available properties in the metropolitan area please call Charles Wong, Adrian Smilovici, Larry Reiff or Richard Maltz at 718-786-5050 or visit our Website at

About Greiner-Maltz
Since 1953 Greiner-Maltz has been engaged exclusively in the leasing, selling, appraising and managing of industrial, commercial, and investment property in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, New Jersey, Westchester, and Connecticut. The firms five offices are actively managed by Principals: John Maltz and Sharone Levy in Brooklyn and Queens; Swain Weiner, metro area investments; Tom Attivissimo in Long Island, Raymond Musalo in New Jersey, and Ayall Schanzer in Westchester.